What To Pack For Your Child's Dance Camp Session

If your child loves dancing, whether it be ballet, jazz, tap, or modern, they may enjoy the experience of going to camp to learn additional fundamentals in a variety of dancing styles. A trip away from home will mean a bag will need to be packed with the belongings they'll need during this time. Here are some important items you will want to make sure are packed in your child's suitcase to make their time at dance camp comfortable and enjoyable.

Pack The Right Clothing For Easy Movement

It is important that your child has several changes of clothing to wear while at camp. Call the facility in advance to see if there are washing machines and dryers on the premises to help you in deciding how many outfits will be needed. It is a good idea to pack an outfit or two in addition to what you believe your child will wear in case they get clothing dirty or sweaty, necessitating an outfit change. A loose t-shirt and pair of shorts or a cotton leotard and tights is an appropriate outfit that will allow your child to move around freely instead of feeling restricted. Make sure your child packs dance shoes if needed. 

Do Not Forget About Your Child's Hair

If your child has longer hair, it will be helpful for them to be able to pull it away from their face as they do their dance lessons. Ponytail holders, barrettes, or bobby pins would be great additions to add to your child's bag so they can focus on their dancing activities instead of blowing or pushing hair out of their eyes or away from their face. A cloth sweatband can be used to pull hair back while doubling as a way to keep sweat from getting in your child's eyes at the same time.

Add Some Musical Choices For Inspiration

Most dance camps will have a performance night where campers can show off their moves to others. Some camps will require those attending bring a compact disc with a song they wish to perform to if doing a solo act. If this is necessary, be sure to have your child pack a few copies and place them in hard covers to minimize the risk of breaking or scratching. It may be a good idea to bring some inspirational music for your child to listen to in their cabin between lessons so they can practice movements they were just taught. Find out if bringing a compact disk player, mp3 player, or cell phone is allowed before packing one. Make sure to pack earbuds for your child to listen to this music as well.

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